Friday, January 29, 2010

Guess Who's Back...

And just in time for ZAP! ZinfanGirl apologizes for falling of the wine-o wagon, but that kind of thing tends to happen around the holidays. Anyhoo, I am back, and am gearing up for a weekend of Zinful fun!

ZinfanHubby & I will be volunteering in the AM at Fort Mason (wristbands & check-in-- come say hi!). After that we will attempt to sample as much grape juice as our little livers can handle. While volunteers are given a shirt to wear during their shifts, I still plan on wearing my snazzy "Living in Zin" hat:

But will I wear my beloved Biale shirt, or switch things up and sport my Four Vines "ZinBitch" tank top? I am quite pleased with my growing collection of wine-o wear, but for this very special event I better keep it Zin-related.

Will I see you there, dear ZinfanReaders?


  1. I so hope to see uou tomorrow. I will be coming in at 10 am for media tasting. I'll be wearing a dark color as that repels Zin spills. Today I dumped 6 glasses on Mozzocco's Karen Clarke because her brand new $100 white blouse from England pulled my ass into her table, like gravity. White bad, black good. Livin in Zin hat and ZinBitch tank top and I may spot you. Tasted Biale Steve Hall's 2007 Aldo's Vineyards and Stagecoach Napa Valley Zins today. Yum.

  2. ZinBitch shirt = hilarious! I have a shirt that says Wine Slut and I'm tempted to wear it to a tasting one day.